Investment Management

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Capital Relationships

The starting fundamental of real estate fund management is the ability to connect investors having similar objectives with opportunities. Therefore, maintaining high level contact with large scale investors and lenders is the fund manager’s lifeblood. We believe that INTERNOS can demonstrate:

  • The ability to match capital with opportunities
  • Regular contact with and intimate knowledge of large scale investors
  • A convincing capital relationship team highly regarded within the industry led by Jos Short, Executive Chairman
  • A database of global real estate investors
  • Regularly maintained and updated contacts with lenders and intelligence about their portfolios

Before INTERNOS, and before heading Pramerica Real Estate in Europe, Jos Short was a leading real estate investment banker and now has an enviable deal making reputation. The capital raising team includes Andrew Thornton, CEO, former Chief Operating Officer of Invesco Real Estate Europe; Jochen Schaefer-Suren, Head of INTERNOS Hotel & Leisure Division; Paul Muno, Head of Capital Relations & Germany; Guillaume Masset, Head of Transactions, Benelux & Southern Europe.

Fund Management

The INTERNOS approach to real estate fund management is designed to be comprehensive, responsive to investor needs, informative and pro-active. It is a full-service set of integrated disciplines that starts from a strong base of strategic insight. Once established, an INTERNOS fund continues to receive concentrated attention to maintain performance throughout its term.
INTERNOS investors and clients can expect:

  • Asset teams in key markets with wide experience of transactions
  • Strategic underpinning to all investment decisions – expertly formed, openly expressed
  • An investment committee with a global reputation for real estate decision making
  • Best in industry openness in terms of ongoing quarterly reporting and its timeliness
  • Consultation with investors on key ‘lifetime’ fund decisions, acquisitions and disposals
  • Diversity of expertise and insight across the asset classes
  • Expert debt management, in-house, ongoing, lender contacts at highest levels
  • Tax, structuring and treasury team, in-house, optimising day to day financial performance
  • Sale optimisation through an ongoing legal, compliance and structuring process
Asset Management

At INTERNOS we make a priority of local asset management expertise. If skilled personnel are close to the assets, geographically and culturally, we believe that we will be better positioned to receive and use detailed local knowledge and to maximise asset performance. Our trademarked Manage to Core™ philosophy is only credible with INTERNOS’  on-the-ground presence. Regular opportunities to add value throughout an investment’s life cycle are created by habitual and constant review of assets managed and the practice of open, active dialogue by local management teams with occupiers, service and debt providers and joint-venture partners. Our investors can therefore expect that we will:

  • Foster long-term value-adding relationships with occupiers to ensure buildings are optimised to meet their needs
  • Drive cost efficiencies to reduce occupation costs and maximise net rents
  • Maintain asset values at optimal levels throughout their time under INTERNOS management
  • And thus ensure sale optimisation at a time of our choice

Timing of acquisitions and disposals, stock selection and a strong pipeline of opportunities are the heart of successful investment management. Our processes ensure not just that transactions undertaken are wise but also that good opportunities are not lost by time-wasting: an advantage of being owner-managed and of the scrutiny of a highly experienced investment board.

INTERNOS has local transaction professionals in the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and the Netherlands providing real time market information, deal flow and an understanding of local market dynamics to meet the investment objectives of our clients.

The Investment Board

Jos Short Executive Chairmam (chairman)
Andrew Thornton Chief Executive Officer
Jochen Schaefer-Suren Partner, Head of Hotel & Leisure Division
Guillaume Masset Head of Transactions
Paul Muno Head of Capital Relations & Germany
Giles Smith Head of Fund & Asset Management
Ludovic Bernard Head of Opportunistic Investments

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