INTERNOS Core European (ICE) Series

INTERNOS Core European (ICE) series comprises a number of funds spanning a diverse range of asset classes from traditional sectors, such as office, retail and logistics, to more specialised alternative sectors, such as residential and health care. The ICE series provides investors with tailored return criteria in regionally diversified funds, where INTERNOS utilises its local knowledge and ‘feet on the ground’ expertise. INTERNOS’ local teams will drive value utilising their exemplary asset management skills, overseen by our centralised fund and portfolio management team.

Fund name Investment style Sector Region Overview
ICE Balanced
Core/Core+ Office, Retail, Logistics, Alternative Pan-European Pan-European core real estate fund offering a stable income return from a diversified asset base. The fund targets expansion to €1.2bn GAV.
ICE Office+
Core/Core+ Office Pan-European A balanced and geographically diverse pan-European core office fund targeting long term value stability with a planned investment volume of €600m.
Core/Core+/Value Add Office, Retail, Logistics Pan-European Pan-European, sector-diversified fund with a core+ and value add portfolio
Core/Core+ Logistics Pan-European Pan-European core logistics fund focused on capital growth and strong income returns.
Core+ Retail Germany A French SCPI investing in retail assets across Germany primarily focused on neighbourhood retail centres (“Fachmarktzentrum”).
Care Invest I
Core Care Homes Germany A regionally diversified German care home fund offering long term value stability.
Care Invest II
Core Health Care Germany A regionally diversified German health care fund with a wide supply offer. The fund targets total investment volumes of up to €300m
Core Retail Germany A retail fund focused on dominant German shopping centres.

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